Jobs in Australia are up 40% on last year

Our idibu Index not only provides you with great insight on UK job posts and applications but stats for the entire globe. For the APAC region, covering specifically Australia and New Zealand, we’ve combined our data with information shared by SEEK, a market leader in online employment marketplaces.

Providing insights into the future of work, SEEK’s research aligns well with our own, so we’re excited to have pulled together both our findings for a holistic view of what’s been happening in February for jobs in Australia and New Zealand.

Jobs in Australia and New Zealand increase for 2022

Let’s start by looking at job posts and applications…

The number of job posts across Australia and New Zealand is up for February. A peak in job ads was noted in the third week of the month and perhaps in response to that surge in ads, the highest number of applications were received during the fourth and final week.

The statistics illustrate a steady upward curve as we move through Q1 of 2022. It’s great news for the region!

When comparing February 2022’s figures with those from February 2021, we see an average increase of 40% across jobs posts in Australia and New Zealand. Could this significant climb in activity reflect a period of recovery following the pandemic and positive news for the region’s economy?

It’s perhaps no surprise then, job applications have also risen. We uncovered a 19.25% rise since last month and a small increase of 2.29% when compared to February 2021.

Jobs in retail are on the up

Investigating any industry-specific trends, we can report the most significant rise in APAC job ads for the month was in Retail and Consumer Products. The most noticeable peak could be seen in the first week of the month, but a healthy increase of 8% was recorded for the month overall. 

At the other end of the scale, both the Engineering and Construction sectors experienced downturns of 3% and 1% respectively when compared to January. The end of the month showed the most considerable dip in numbers for both.

Highlights in regional market trends

Other interesting peaks and troughs revealed included APAC job posts for Media and Medical & Nursing. Both sectors’ figures had increased when compared to last month and continue to remain higher than in other recent months. 

Stand-out changes at the other end of the scale, included noticeable mid-month drops in jobs posted for Telecomms and Recruitment Consultancy roles. Graduate roles were also recorded as falling significantly towards the end of February.

Interested to know how APAC job posts and applications will fluctuate as the year progresses? We’ll be keeping tabs on how the market’s fairing and look forward to sharing more regional insights in just a few weeks.

If you’d like to chat about the latest recruitment trends in your region, why not get in touch? We’re partnering with lots of companies, providing useful market insights and helping them recruit better and faster with our innovative multi-posting tech which integrates with market-leading CRMs. Find out more or even book a demo - you won’t be disappointed.

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