idibu partners with Diversely

idibu has announced a new partnership with Singapore-based platform Diversely in order to help businesses more easily reach and attract underrepresented talent across the globe.

idibu’s software supports integration with a variety of recruitment CRM systems, allowing posting across multiple job boards and social media platforms, facilitating candidate attraction and management. Reducing administrative time on manual tasks, idibu reduces time to hire while facilitating better communication and relationship building between candidate and recruiter.

As part of its partnership with Diversley, along with reducing biased language and structure in job ads across five elements of diversity and assessing and tracking D&I goals, the addition of the integration with idibu means companies can now reach a true variety of talent with one-click.

Hayley Bakker, Diversely’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, said: “We cannot emphasise the need for partnerships enough when it comes to supporting Diversity and Inclusion in hiring. Within the rapidly evolving HR tech space, new solutions and potential synergies continue to emerge.

“At Diversely, we strongly believe that an inclusive approach through collaboration is the best way forward. This is exactly why we kicked off a conversation with the idibu team last month.

“idibu’s solution helps to broaden the talent reach and, in combination with our Diversely tools, makes diversity and inclusion a part of everyday hiring practices and many steps closer to making bias-free hiring- a reality.”

Supporting Diversley’s goal for more inclusivity in candidate attraction, idibu’s platform enables recruiters to simultaneously post job ads across a wide range of general-purpose and industry-focused job boards from a single page and with one click.

Hazel Walker, idibu’s Director of Ops APAC said: “Through our new partnership and integration, Diversely’s clients and users now have access to a much larger job posting network for their inclusive job ads, attracting more candidates - quickly and easily. 

“This means Diversely can focus on its own differentiator, partnering with niche job boards, and tapping into targeted and under-represented talent and communities across the globe – whether women in tech, minority groups or people with disability.”

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