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If you’ve visited our website in the last week or so, you may have noticed we’ve had a bit of an overhaul. 

The improvements we’ve made in the look, feel, and usability of our site speaks to a broader piece of work and the ongoing work to develop our business.

Since 2007, we’ve been powering recruitment firms with our intuitive and agile recruitment platform. Our clients use it to attract and manage candidates across multiple job boards and social media, reducing time to hire and helping build better relationships between candidates and recruiters.

The success we’ve had could have been enough for us to just carry on doing what we have been doing. Almost. 

Standing still though, is not the idibu way.

As recruitment evolves, the software market evolves with it and we’re determined to be the go-to platform for those wanting a digital partner that not only delivers the goods software-wise, but smashes it out the park when it comes to delivering a service to help them overcome their challenges and supercharge their organisations.  

Interestingly, we’ve seen that the more digitised companies become, the more they value the human aspect of relationships with customers, suppliers and partners. You can have the best tech in the world, but if the solutions are generic and bonds of trust and understanding are lacking, you’ll never get those optimal results.

That’s why we're committed to providing more than a piece of software. In essence, it’s not what we do that makes us different, it’s how we do it.

And that’s our promise to our customers and the source of our value proposition #exceedingexpectations. 

As the knowledge we glean about our clients’ people, processes, and vision expands over time, we will respond to every issue, challenge, and request with increasing creativity and decisiveness. Feeding it back into our own business and improving our own platform and processes. 

Ultimately, our approach is simple and honest, coupled with a dedication to technology that is centred around improving to keep our clients one step ahead.

So, if you get a chance to explore our new website, know that it is only one dimension of our ongoing sharpening up you are experiencing. There’s much more going on behind the scenes, all of which is constantly engineered with our clients’ needs front of mind.


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