Time Is Money: Streamline your Hiring Process using Online Recruitment Software

Time and money – the two words that dominate the lexicon of today’s recruiters and hiring managers, and the two words that create one of the greatest challenges they face on a daily basis: How can we reach more of the right candidates without exceeding our recruitment spend? In other words, how can you streamline your recruitment processes? At a time when the threat of ‘skills shortages’ is at the forefront of recruiter and hiring manager’s minds, it is imperative that those who are looking to hire, advertise their roles in the right places.

Today’s job seekers are more likely to be found searching and applying for roles via their mobile device, which places greater emphasis on the need to ensure they have a strong and dominant presence online. Keeping up with trends in job seeker behaviour and finding out the latest job board or social media that candidates are “in to” is therefore essential, however, it is time consuming, and without a dedicated research team to do this, it’s guaranteed to become another task added to your endless to-do list.

The top candidates will be snapped up within days of a job being uploaded to job boards and social media channels. Meaning, that to attract the best talent, your roles need to be seen to be first, in the right place, and at the right time.

So how do you get the talent and keep track of those who have registered interest in your positions, without spending countless hours scheduling and monitoring when you could be engaging with those who matter to you? The answer: Technology.

Of course, we’re not just talking shiny new computers or buying the latest recruitment software which promises to do pretty much everything you could possibly dream of. What talent managers really need is a solution that is flexible, adaptable to change and most important – tailored to their precise requirements.

Research indicates that 90% of in-house and external recruiters feel that their existing ATS and recruitment advertising processes are either too complicated or too restrictive. And given the rise of mobile and social recruiting, many existing technologies are quickly becoming rendered as bordering on the obsolete. That’s where solutions providers such as idibu come into play.

idibu is one of the few who have successfully addressed recruiter demands for a single system to manage their online recruitment cycle all from one place. Indeed, every organization operates in its own unique way, we all have our own nuances that may seem alien to anyone outside of your four walls. What software solutions like ours do is simplify the entire process.

By fully integrating your ATS/CRM, accessing detailed reporting analytics, and CV search functionality, hirers can utilise the technology to prioritise what’s important and what can effectively help you to work better and more efficiently. As a recruiter your time is best-spent building relationships, something that is beyond the capabilities of technology.

idibu is the online recruitment software that will help focus your working day. Adpost, the posting feature from idibu, circulates your advertised roles to thousands of job boards, social networks and relevant websites. Regardless of the size of your agency, recruitment software like idibu can help create exposure for your company, which consequently helps attract and retain valuable clients.

But, when your vacancies are advertised to so many active job seekers how to do you filter out those who are actually up for the challenge that you are offering? Well, through its multiple features idibu has that covered too.

Aptrack is candidate management and performance analysis software that works in conjunction with Adpost. It allows you to track and manage all applicants from job boards and your own site, as well as providing detailed analysis of board effectiveness, and consultant activity in the form of weekly and monthly reports.

Basically, it’s your administration work done quicker and to higher standard. Not only does Aptrack work to better your candidate management but it also creates easily downloadable data to show how your consultants are performing too. Put simply, it will increase your personal productivity and also that of you entire team too.

All hirers will know that recruitment is not simply about seeking out new contacts but retaining those in already in your professional circles. idibu’s service Apsearch allows you to search through your CV databases in one hit, bringing back returning candidates so those relationships previously formed are not lost.

Engaging with candidates quicker than the competition is vital when it comes to getting the top talent, idibu’s mobile app allows you to review and process applicants on the move, reject or progress applications at the touch of a button and trigger autoresponders to keep candidates in the loop.

The software that idibu provides will change the way in which you and teams work day-to-day without incurring excessive costs. The more time you have in working the day the greater your returns will be. In a time where smart, simple software is on the market it’s a risk not to utilise what’s there for the taking.

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