In-House Recruiter? 5 ways that using candidate attraction software ensures you don’t get left behind

Being an In House recruiter means wearing lots of different hats. Not only do you have the responsibility of sourcing the best talent, you also have to be a budget savvy, social media bossing, company brand advocate hero and a reporting genius!

Add into the mix that there is a lot of competition out there when it comes to attracting the best people and you need your jobs to stand out and be noticed by the right candidates.

With so much tech out there, it can seem tricky to find the right solution to achieve all your recruitment goals. Some might be too basic, others too agency focussed, others too complex or require integration with other systems. So how can you make like goldilocks and find the one that’s just right for you?

Here we focus on the 5 things that make the biggest difference to our In House customers.

1. Reduce agency spend

Good recruitment agencies are worth their weight in gold when it comes to the hard to find ‘unicorn’ candidate. That said, when you have multiple roles to fill, or temp. staff to find, the cost can become considerable. Consider how much you might spend on fulfilling a single role with an agency and then compare that to the annual cost of multi posting software and you should instantly be able to see where a reduction in your agency spend can be achieved.

2. Building your own vibrant talent pools

How many times have you decided to keep a CV ‘on file’ and then forgotten about it? Ever found a really good person that just got pipped to the post? Building vibrant talent pools means you can keep track of all the people who have previously applied and match them to upcoming vacancies. The right person for your next role might already be known to you and you’re better using already spent marketing dollar. You can also add profiles for job seekers from social accounts so the next time you see a potential candidate you can drop them straight into your talent pool.

3. Present your company brand, personality and ethics

By presenting your company’s personality you better control how candidates view you and can help show an environment that people want to be a part of. Understanding your company from the start of the recruitment process can help prevent candidate drop offs. By using Application (Landing) Pages to give depth and personality to your role and company (you can even include videos!) you will ensure a great candidate experience and positive feedback for your company. Not only that, if and when needed you can pre-screen candidates too.

4. Quicker placement

Ultimately, getting the right person in a timely manner is what you’re about. From the time a vacancy is identified you’re against the clock. By posting your own job adverts, in your own ‘voice’ and screening using ‘killer’ questions you can ensure you get the best people straight to your CRM or inbox. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you post to general boards, niché ones, your own site (you really need to get it on your own site), and/or social media, being able to post once and get all your applicants in one place will massively speed up your shortlisting and time to hire.

5. Advanced analytics

Get real insights into where your best quality candidates are coming from and how you source them – enabling you to focus on your best channels and stop wasting time with hiring campaigns that don’t work. See how your talent pools are helping your team make faster placements at a lower cost.

So next time you’re wrestling with which hat to put on, hopefully the above will help level the playing field when it comes to attracting the best talent.

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