The Robots vs Personal Relationships – Marc Katz on Recruitment Trends — Interview @HRTechConf

It reverts back to the personal relationship, the network that you have, and who you know, and who you’re touching and communicating with and your reputation”

Steve: If there is one buzz that’s really struck you in HR tech at this conference, what would it be?

Marc: Well, I’ve been coming to this conference for most of the 19 years. One thing I’ve seen more of as I look around is video interviewing is becoming much more prominent, and there’s also a little less personal touch and more technology touch.

Steve: Some were suggesting that video interviewing won’t really take off because candidates were afraid of it, and they prefer to do a telephone interviewing or at least audio files of some sort. What do you think of that?

Marc: People are hesitant to change, and they still like a handshake and a vibe when they are sitting across the table from each other, but there are so many more ingredients in electronic touch points that are taking place in the interview process. For me, video interviewing has to be one of them because of the proliferation of the remote workforce. My company is in Connecticut; I’m in Los Angeles. You’re in Asia, your company is in UK. So, video interviewing is just one thing that came to mind.

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Steve: What’s the one consistency that you see here when you see all this tech change going on around us? The actual stuff which always stays the same? The stuff that you can’t get rid of?

Marc: For me, and I can always speak for myself, and only based on my experience from always seeing the industry from a marketing and advertising point of view, it always reverts back totally opposite of what I said earlier. It reverts back to the personal relationship, the network that you have, and who you know, and who you’re touching and communicating with and the reputation. It’s all of these companies that are trying to take that very basic human nature skill and turn it into a bit or a megabit or megabytes, something electronic.

Steve: That relates well to our own analysis in which we defined the WHY of idibu – creating great relationships – whether between our clients and their candidates or their own clients to how we want to relate internally within our business.

And of course, that’s what recruitment is all about. Ultimately, whatever technology you put on top of it, you can’t get away from the fundamentals of human interaction.

Marc: So, that being said, if you mesh the technology with the human interaction, it’s a sum of all the parts.

Steve: Coming from a marketing focused background, what would be your number one tip to anyone looking at marketing and the recruitment space these days?

Marc: I’m a big believer in a mixed approaching of branding and awareness, as well as direct response, as in pay-per-click, something like that. Again, it’s sum of all the parts, and I think you have to be – if you’re a major player, you have to be visible at the main trade shows. However, after trade shows, you also have to be conscious of how to work that show. It’s not just, ‘hey you want to see the latest and greatest?’ but really be strategic in your trade show presence as you would be strategic in your online presence, in your print, and have continuity between your marketing and your sales so that people are delivering a consistent message about who you are and how you treat your customers.

Steve: Excellent. Thank you very much.

Marc: You’re welcome. Glad to be with you.

Marc Katz is Senior Business Development Manager at

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