Why you MUST establish your brand as a Social Media thought leader – Rhonda Taylor @HRTech

People are putting applications into companies that they perceive as winners. And in Social Media, you have to establish yourself and your brand as a thought leader and a winner in the marketplace.”

Steve: What’s going on “technology-wise” in the HR world, where do you see it going?

Rhonda: Well it’s really hard because the moment you think you know what’s going on is the moment that you realize you don’t know what’s going on.

We’re at a stage right now in HR technology that everything is in transition – everything is building. Your product two years ago is no longer your product today.

Steve: What do you mean by transition?

Rhonda: Everything is building. Technology is maturing; companies are taking their softwares to a whole new level. I have to come here to learn because I’m in awe sometimes at seeing what has been — what has evolved from some of these organizations.

Steve: Your business is around social marketing. If you give recruiters a key tip in using social marketing correctly, what it be?

Rhonda: Social media marketing is where the future is at right now. One, obviously, you need to know, understand social. But two is, you need to understand the nature of the market, and it also helps to understand who the players are in the marketplace to help amplify your message.

Steve: What do you mean by players?

Rhonda: The analysts, the influencers, the people that will share your message because don’t forget, in the real world, in the sales side of it all – you are nothing more than white noise. You need people to help amplify your message.

Steve: If you’re talking about, let’s say candidate attraction, are you saying that candidate attraction and social is about brand awareness? You don’t use social to create applications, you use it to create brand awareness?

Rhonda: Number one is brand awareness – the operational side of the process is number two.

People are putting applications into companies that they perceive as winners. And in social media, you have to establish yourself and your brand as a thought leader and a winner in the marketplace.

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Steve: What has surprised you most at the conference?

Rhonda: Mobility. We’ve become a global marketplace. Not everybody owns a laptop; not everybody has an iPad, but everybody has a phone.

Steve: Do you think phone apps are going to be the way things go? Or do you think people will stay with SMS because SMS is pervasive, works everywhere?

Rhonda: I don’t think it’s going to be SMS or apps. I think that you’re going to find that people will align themselves with companies. The millennials are going to throw their hat into a company’s database, and they’ll be loyal to five, six, seven companies, and from there, they will just hop from billboard to post.

Right now, I think I heard this out yesterday, that the average millennial have seven jobs before they’re 30 years old. So, I just saw a company here that focusses on nurturing applications for companies, and I really think that’s the future.

Steve: How does that fit in with the brands of the company?

Rhonda: Oh, big time! Because millennials want to be with the winners. So, you have got to have your brand front and centre for them to be able to say I want to work for them.

Steve: So, everyone wants to work for Apple and Google, now:) ?

Rhonda: That’s right. Or, somebody who has just got 13 million in funding and has our or five Vice President positions open.

Steve: Thank you very much!

Rhonda Taylor (@Social_Rhonda) is the VP for Sales at HRMarketer.com.

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