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I am a restless soul. Some might see this as a curse. I see it as a blessing.

I am a restless soul. Some might see this as a curse. I see it as a blessing: I keep an open mind, I meet lots of people around the world and I explore many avenues and try on different perspectives. Now I am bringing these three together in a podcast.

I am interviewing people from the HR and recruitment industry. Some are known, others unknown. I want to to learn from them, I want to give their perspective an airing so we can widen our awareness of reality. The questions include specific ones about their experiences and expectations of the industry and wider ones about the world and the impact of external forces on themselves and their businesses.

To start I interviewed Miles Hunt. Miles is a partner in Benula Capital and known in the recruitment industry through his engagement with APSCO. He also is a board advisor and investor in idibu. I really rate Miles. He is a mover and shaker in the industry, maybe less well known as others, but with an enormous amount of knowledge, wisdom and humility.

I hope you enjoy it!


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