In a fast changing world, you need some stability…

Most companies with aspirations of scalable growth understand that software is needed to absorb the impacts of a fast changing market”

Today’s recruitment market presents plenty of challenges. As well as the changes from GDPR and Brexit, there’s been lots of recent corporate maneuvering. Add in a steady stream of new technologies and put together, this can easily eat up time and resources. Externally though it’s important to be seen to be in control and keep providing great service and added value.

Most companies wanting scalable growth understand that software can absorb the impacts of a fast-changing market. Many of you will use software for everything from candidate attraction to timesheets, payroll, accounting to compliance, onboarding, and reporting.

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With this reliance on software, it can be a big blow when your provider drops the ball. Maybe the system has slowed or the service team is suddenly unresponsive. A slow system means slow users and processes –   the opposite of what it was supposed to achieve. And costly too.

To make matters worse, the rot can spread to other parts of your business, which makes identifying potential solutions even harder. That’s why it’s key to get feedback from your users. Make sure all your systems are working well and continue to provide the best functionality, customer service, and value.

Negative feedback means you should engage quickly with your provider – the problem could be technical and they can tell you their plan to get back on track. If it’s at corporate or board level it can be harder to get answers. Is the company going in a new direction? Are there new owners or a new board? Is your platform no longer the main focus of the business?

If you do decide to change, you should discuss your experiences with your new provider. They can help implement a plan to lessen the changing burden and onboard you quickly.  This should be a crucial factor in getting your business back up to speed as quickly as possible and help with internal adoption.

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