You need it now, but when buying software it’s good to think of the future.

It’s your providers that have a duty to see market trends and changes and move the software forwards to create added value.”

If you’re at the beginning of building your business, you’re probably looking for software to help automate some daily tasks that are becoming administrative (and costly) burdens. If not, or as well as, you may be considering technology that provides you with a scalable platform for growth.

Either way, you probably have a checklist of what’s important right now – such as functionality, integrations & UX. However, it’s difficult to know exactly which way technology is going to move and what new features are going to make an instant impact AND add value in the future. You don’t want to get stuck with tech that isn’t constantly progressing and enhancing it’s offering.

So, it’s your providers that have a duty to see market trends and changes and move the software forwards to create added value that goes beyond needs you had when initially making your decision.

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The ones that firstly, understand your workload, challenges and goals and can see the shifts in recruitment trends will be enhancing their platforms with added features and responding to feedback. This should ensure your ongoing satisfaction and mean the software grows and develops as you do and thus ensures you stay as a customer.

Regardless of where you are in your buying process, before you decide it’s worth asking what the development roadmap will be for the duration of your contract. This way you get a sense of where the added value might come from, and reassurance the provider understands not only your situation right now, but the market as a whole and your value as a renewing customer.

idibu provides intelligent candidate acquisition to hundreds of recruitment businesses of all sizes as well as analysis of activity and hiring funnels to greatly improve ROI and performance.

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About idibu Founded in 2007, idibu is true SaaS and works with around 500 companies that range from start-ups through to famous brands such as Kelly Services, Blue Arrow, Hudson & Pertemps.

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