Knowledge is Power: What Job Boards should you be using?


For today’s recruiters, knowledge really is power. Before the digital age, it might have been acceptable to use a ‘gut feel’ to make a decision, but today’s demanding standards require analytics and targeted management information to make better decisions and achieve targets.

For recruiters, this means that a new skill set must emerge; the art of capturing vital knowledge and using it to leverage a performance edge. Happily, there are some excellent products now on the market that largely automate this process and provide the sort of rich analytical data that could otherwise take hours of tiresome analysis.

Enter idibu

One of the three core modules offered by idibu, the online recruitment platform, is a performance analysis and candidate management tool. It creates an end-to-end role upload, candidate management and results analysis solution. This online recruitment platform is specifically targeted to the needs of in-house recruitment teams and recruitment agencies alike.

In addition to managing your candidate flow in a single environment, you can also run regular activity reports, allowing you to keep a close eye on your recruitment campaigns and tailor them as needed. Job board effectiveness is clearly demonstrated with in-depth analytics and recruiter activity is shown across monthly and weekly time scales.

A fully integrated recruitment tool

As idibu is a single integrated system, it offers an end-to-end tool set for recruiters. The job board analysis function provides rich data to help you establish the quantity and quality of the candidates you receive, along with their source. You see the ratio of applications per job and track the boards they came from, which gives you the cost per applicant.

The power to create customisable emails for auto-responses means it’s easy to stay engaged with candidates. Additionally you can rate, organise and segment them for upload into your CRM system or forward onto other handling teams for the next step in the process. By streamlining your workflow and being more efficient, there are huge cost savings via time to shortlist and analysis of consultant activity.

Why do it?

Using an online recruitment platform like idibu can be a valuable strategy. It measures which job boards work for certain roles and contexts and which don’t and this kind of insight obviously gives you a powerful edge when consulting with clients or setting up in-house programmes. It demonstrates not only industry knowledge and a superior grasp of recruitment strategies, but also an ability to achieve an excellent return on investment.

Ultimately, you’re saving time, money and reducing workload by refining your recruitment processes in real time.

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