How Online Recruitment Platforms are changing the way In-house teams manage their Recruitment


Not so long ago, a recruitment agency would have been the first port of call for many businesses looking to fulfil their recruitment needs. An agency handles all steps of the advertising process, from creating copy based on the job specification to sourcing relevant media on which to post the job and even screen applications and arrange interviews. At the moment, there is definitely a trend that sees some businesses increasingly managing their own recruitment, especially media buying and posting jobs. A catalyst for this has been the arrival of easy-to-use and accomplished technology that businesses can integrate with their own systems and manage its own recruitment solutions.

So how does it work? Well, one way is that the software allows in-house teams to take full control of when, where and how they advertise their vacancies by connecting them with a multitude of advertising options, specifically online job boards, social networks and sector-specific websites. This can be implemented with very little effort and such systems are easy to use with back up support and training and are flexible enough in their deployment to meet the needs of an individual business.

Martin Bramall, Managing Director of idibu, a leading online recruitment platform says, “The option to use multi-posting software internally has simplified the recruitment process and it significantly cut downs on agency spend.”

“Another advantage is that these types of software can be integrated with a firm’s existing front-office or CRM/ATS, so the whole process becomes unified and streamlined. It doesn’t affect your existing IT infrastructure or require complex installation or downloads, which makes it a cost-effective solution for even smaller businesses.

“In using online recruitment software in-house, a business can also convey and reinforce its employer brand at a level to which external recruitment advertising agencies could never realistically aspire. Internal teams have a far stronger understanding of the nature of the business, its culture and what it wants to achieve from a recruitment campaign. This drives the creation and fine-tuning of the recruitment advertisements in a truly connected approach.”

With so many qualitative and financial benefits, it is not hard to see why more and more businesses are now using online recruitment software to solve their recruitment advertising needs.

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