Quantity vs. Quality – How Many Job Boards Should You Be Using?


A robust recruitment strategy demands that you assess all available job boards when deciding which best suit your needs. Today’s options include traditional boards as well as aggregators liked Indeed and social media channels such as LinkedIn. With so many options from which to choose, where do you start in deciding which will work for you?

Cost is often a big factor; however strategic thinking recruiters will weigh up the benefits of quantity, versus quality, according to their objectives. Simply going for the cheapest or mass-hit option is unlikely to produce the results garnered from a well-crafted, tailored, advertising plan. You must consider target audiences, relevant publications, and the nature of the role itself.

Online recruitment software such as idibu produces detailed reports that provide valuable feedback on your advertising performance and thus show clearly your ROI.

There is no single ‘right’ answer; the conclusion lies in analysing the data from in-depth research and in asking the right questions in the first place. You need to know your business, focus on reaching the right candidates and always remember the basics of good recruitment advertising. Ensure that your job content and placement is optimised so that candidates can easily find it, no matter what route they may take.

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