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How to Use Technology to Manage Your Advertising Costs


Paid advertising is a great tool for businesses generally but is particularly useful for those in recruitment and talent acquisition too.

The ability to boost reach and target more effectively helps to drive more relevant candidates to job openings and increases brand recognition in spaces that will put you in front of the right audiences. If you’re looking to attract quality leads, paid advertising is a sure bet.

However, there is work involved in ensuring you are getting the most bang for your buck and using it in the right way for your business. While paid advertising delegates the task of sourcing talent to external experts, recruiters still have to manage the process themselves. This, on top of the usual day-to-day of recruiters worldwide, can sometimes lead to the process being mismanaged, or not utilised to the best of its ability. In this case, a recruitment software solution that automates the entire recruitment cycle becomes invaluable.

In this article, we will discuss how ATS technology can help recruiters control advertising costs for more efficient spending.

Recruitment budgets can be harder to control than realised

Here's the thing; some activities in recruiting can be tedious work. The competition for excellent candidates in the job market today is fierce, so if you want to give your organisation a chance at standing out from the masses in your industry, you need to have a smart, effective and well-organised recruitment marketing strategy. Expectedly, the more strategic you are about your recruitment campaigns, the higher your ROI.

Because many recruiters have to work within tight budget constraints, it's common to struggle with how best to allocate budget in order to attract the best candidates for open roles. Recruitment costs can become inflated when organisations don’t efficiently control them or lack insight into how the budget is being utilised. This is especially true when you are sourcing for talent via multiple channels.

Simple inefficiencies in your candidate journey, such as loosely defined target markets, may be costing you more than you realise. As a recruiter, you are better equipped to allocate your recruitment budget when you have done your research and have a clear idea of who you are targeting. When you’re trying to better manage your recruitment advertising spend, with the knowledge of your ideal/qualified candidate persona, you can make informed decisions about which recruitment advertising platforms to focus your funds on for better results.

How can technology help?

So, how can technology help you with source reporting to enable you in effectively identifying your target audience - and in turn reduce advertising cost? This is where idibu's online recruitment software (or ATS) comes in. Below, we are going to analyse how idibu's recruitment software solution can help recruiters efficiently reduce recruitment cost while simultaneously improving the candidate management process.

If you have never advertised an open job and don’t have previous data to use for comparative analysis, putting your open positions in your ATS and linking them to your careers site is a good place to start. With an ATS, you can set up your recruitment consultants and assign and manage the costs associated with each of them. This functionality helps you to determine how much of your hiring budget went to external recruitment experts, in turn allowing you to track their ROI - a vital metric to be aware of. idibu provides 16 distinct reports that monitor and track activity to deliver detailed analytics on ROI, consultant and team performance. This helps not only in your recruitment activities, but also in your ability to understand and improve team performance.

 The ATS integrated with the idibu platform can also help you track where your applications are coming from. By knowing this, you can figure out which channels are providing quality candidates and which aren’t; by identifying the platforms that perform better, you can make informed decisions about where you need to be channeling your resources. This knowledge, and subsequent activity based on the data, allows for a more effective and proven social strategy.

 With idibu, recruiters can also use webhook technology to send data into other systems and applications utilised during the recruitment process, or just generally used in the business operations of the organisation. To put it simply, idibu creates a single system that allows recruiters to efficiently manage their recruitment workflows in one place. This blog provides a more in-depth analysis of some of the valuable features idibu's ATS offers to help recruiters work better and more efficiently.

Overall, idibu is designed to simplify and improve the recruitment process by helping recruiters find, attract and hire the best, most skilled and suitable candidates in your industry, without breaking the bank. idibu can help companies and recruitment agencies of every size maximise their recruitment CRM.

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