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In our recent blog posts we’ve focused our attention to the candidate experience and the roll automation can help play, both in the management and attraction of talent.

It came as no surprise in latest industry research the prominent roll candidate attraction is playing as the sector emerges with optimism in 2021.

We were delighted to support our partner Talent Nexus in the deployment of its ‘The State of Recruitment in 2021 Agency Report’ at the turn of the year.

It’s an important insight into the way the compelling events of the last 12 months have impacted our sector, but importantly provides a temperature check on the optimism and direction for travel in 2021.

Just how much of a hangover is the industry taking into 2021? What are the priorities for recruitment agencies? In a market that has shifted to be client-led, how should agencies deal with the increasing demand on jobs?

For the full report visit here.

The State of Recruitment in 2021 Agency Report - Summary of findings

Win and re-engage: new business and re-engaging with former clients is the top priority for agency teams.

Adaptation to volatility: new challenges are emerging and leaders are now most concerned about clients not recruiting, as well as the challenging economic and market conditions.

Agility with candidates and clients: More clients are re-engaging, changing start dates for candidates and renegotiating fees.

A bright future: restrictions and ongoing unpredictability continues to impact the sector, but many impacted by the lockdowns in 2020 now being able to continue.

Candidate attraction is key: A larger proportion of respondents are now finding candidate attraction more challenging compared to last year.

Candidate attraction is king

The good news is that candidate attraction is returning to relative normality, with attraction and placement of candidates reported as much easier for nearly two thirds of organisations during the summer.

Our own idibu index has given a snapshot into sector bounceback and growth in the first quarter of 2021.

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 12.58.37

Clearly, a key priority for the year ahead is attracting quality talent – respondents to the Talent Nexus survey said as much - viewing it as a major challenge, alongside the requirement for nurturing talent pipeline, ensuring speedy response and ensuring candidate experience sits as part of their strategy.

Though we live in volatile and unpredictable times, technology paired with the right amount of human-touch is going to be fundamental for recruiters to succeed this year.

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