#RecExpo2017 idibu MD explains how recruitment is changing

Steve: So, we’re at the Recruitment Expo, and this is not the first time that idibu has been here?

Martin: We’ve attended this now for the last three, four years. We did the first one in Birmingham. We’ve done both events every year since then.

Steve: What is about this particular conference that keeps you coming back for more?

Martin: I think this is THE conference to come to if you want to speak to recruitment agencies. This is the one that the vast majority of people in the business attend. It has got great seminars so you can learn a lot.

There’s a lot of interesting speakers, a huge amount of suppliers, lots of new technology. So yes, we get a lot of business done here. We connect with a lot of different people, and we’re able to network and learn while we’re here as well. I myself gave a talk today about the future of recruitment and the changes needed to stay relevant.

Steve: How did it go?

Martin: Yeah, it was great. We have had a lot of people coming to our stand afterwards to pick up the white paper, which includes all the stats I used in the presentation.

Steve: Brilliant. Where can people find the white paper if they are not at the show?

Martin: You can download it our website.

You can download the whitepaper using the form you’ll see on the right hand side of this page!

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