Process efficiency at Bullhorn – client feedback, automation and Bots

Everybody will be able to improve their own user experience of Bullhorn by automating certain aspects of their jobs

Steve: Tell me about process efficiency at Bullhorn?

Nico: Our philosophy is that it should take a minimum amount of clicks for you to be able to do anything. That means our product has to be streamlined, very easy to use and very instinctive. The whole approach of partners is not about adding features on top of what recruiters would typically do. It’s making sure that most, if not all, the tools are integrated with Bullhorn so that they can gain efficiency at every stage. You don’t have to duplicate data and you don’t have to do manual input.

It’s all API linked, it’s all talking to each other, and down the line the efficiency improvements are significant. Bullhorn already helps you improve your efficiency by a large amount compared to other CRMs. On top of that, you add the seamless integration we have with our marketplace partners, and you save time. All the data gets pushed back into Bullhorn, and you have everything you need, basically within one window, on a daily basis. That’s a big focus of ours and whenever we’re talking to partners, we want to make sure that they improve that experience.

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Steve: So what have Bullhorn done to improve user experience, apart from the two-click philosophy?

Nico: We get feedback from all of our consumers. Every time there’s a request coming from an existing client, or from a prospect, this request is being captured, and our product team is constantly reviewing this process. We also have forums where a client can say, “I’d like this feature to be improved and this is why.”

We’re constantly listening to our customer base to be able to proactively offer improvements. We do weekly, or biweekly, releases where our product is constantly updated. Sometimes bug fixes, but often improvement in workflows and features.

We have been talking about bots and automation over the past 12 months. About customization through clicks, not code. The view we have is that everybody will be able to improve their own user experience of Bullhorn by automating certain aspects of their jobs. This topic is trending now and we want to be a leading force in this field. You’ll be able to say “Okay, when this action happens, please trigger that event over here”, and then that means that down the line something else will cascade down.

Steve: So a bit like If This Then That?

Nico: Exactly, but all through clicks, so you don’t have to be a coding genius. You’ll be able to do it yourself, in Bullhorn, creating a workflow where essentially all you have to do is pick up the phone, speak to people, log some notes, and the rest will be done for you. It’s a mix of AI and user experience, but one that’s all about improving efficiency, ensuring that people focus most of their brain power and time on doing stuff that they add the most value to, and not doing dull tasks that only bring value to KPI measurements, or things like that.

Nico Roux is the EMEA Partner Manager for Bullhorn (@NicoBullhorn)

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