idibu is an APSCo Australia member

APSCo Australia

We are delighted to announce that idibu is now a member of APSCo Australia. As most will know we’ve been part of the APSCo UK family for the last couple of years and are delighted to extend our involvement.

We are thrilled to be a global partner of such a highly reputable organisation, and with the APSCo badge, idibu guarantees its clients and partners to continue to deliver the best product and maintain the highest service levels possible.

Being an affiliate member of APSCo Australia offers additional assurances to our clients that idibu is committed to follow APSCo high standard and ethical best practice.

Want to know more about APSCo please visit:

idibu apsco

Don’t forget, idibu is also a TEAM Service Provider, and we’ve got a great offer available to all TEAM members who sign up to idibu (drop us an email to learn more).

TEAM is the most significant network of independent recruiters in the UK.  TEAM provides recruitment and employment services to its membership enabling its Members to provide all the benefits associated with an independent recruiter whilst being able to harness the networking power of over 700 locations.

More on TEAM Service provider:



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