5 Quick Reads to Become a People Analytics Expert

With a key HR Tech focus on People Analytics this year, here are 5 great articles you should be reading to fast-track your way to becoming a People Analytics expert:

Time to Transform: 3 Ways People Analytics Has Changed the Way HR Works

Author: Mark Sexton
Simply acquiring data is no longer the goal. We want to find out more about our employees, and analyse the data effectively, and solve specific business problems. Here are three ways people analytics is changing the world of work…

Let’s use People Analytics to change how we teach HR

Author: Ethan Burris
The way MBAs learn HR management hasn’t changed in decades. Whether it’s lectures, case discussions, or sophisticated simulations, students make a recommendation based on intuition, not data. Business schools need a different script to teach HR…

People Analytics : Is It Really The Future Of HR?

Author: Advorto
People analytics is the latest hot topic in HR but with many companies still getting to grips with the basics of recruiting software, what does this emerging trend mean?

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How People Analytics is Changing the Face of Recruitment

Author: Chris Butt
The industry has seen a shift from high street to job boards to niche recruitment, but data-driven recruitment is now coming to the fore. Could this be the end of the line for the traditional high street recruitment firm?

People analytics reveals three things HR may be getting wrong

Authors: Henri de Romrée, Bruce Fecheyr-Lippens, and Bill Schaninger
More sophisticated analyses of big data are helping companies identify, recruit, and reward the best personnel. The results can run counter to common wisdom…

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