The Future of Recruitment? 6 Quick Reads to become an Expert

While what will come is always unknown, we can say with some certainty that HR Tech will focus on trying to predict the future of recruitment.

So you can look great as you network and socialise, here are 6 articles to fast-track your way to becoming a Recruitment Futurologist!

Total talent management: fact or fiction?

Author: Peter Reagan
Thus far, true total talent management has yet to come to fruition in the marketplace, which begs the question: Is it likely to see the light of day?

How Technology is Shaping the Future of Recruitment

Author: Zane Bacic
From self-driving cars to robotic vacuum cleaners, automated technology promises to make our lives easier and more efficient. Similarly, in the business world, the automation of labour-intensive manual tasks can provide significant reductions in time, costs and human error…

What The Future Of Recruiting Will Look Like

Author: Ben Slater
It’s a good time to step back and take stock of the recruiting industry. It’s changing rapidly….

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Hiring in the Digital Age: What’s Next for Recruiting?

Author: Nicole Fallon Taylor
Ask any business about its top challenges for 2016 — the odds are good that recruiting and retaining talent are somewhere on that list. Smart companies know that they’re only as good as their best workers, and will prioritize seeking out the best of the best for their organizations…

What is the Future of Recruiting?

Author: Andrew Greenberg
Staying on top of trends and the latest studies and surveys that reveal the most effective techniques and practices in recruiting is just as important. The future of work impacts the future of recruiting, and these are evolving now. Imagine what recruiters, candidates, employers, and employees will be doing and where they’ll be working in the next five to 10 years…

5 Marketing Trends Shaping The Future of Recruitment

Author: Stephen Clarke
Recruitment has evolved dramatically over the past decades and is now a multi-billion dollar industry, thanks largely to the development of and advances in technology. Today, we are exploring the 5 main marketing trends that will shape the future of recruitment…

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