5 Quick Reads to Become a Candidate Engagement Expert

As I can’t get to the HR Tech conference today, I had to ask the question – How can I use technology to still be ‘there’ from a marketing point of view? After all, idibu is all about improving recruitment marketing.

With a key HR Tech focus on Candidate Engagement this year, here are 5 great articles you should be reading to fast-track your way to becoming a Candidate Engagement expert:

The Most Desirable Employee Benefits

Author: Kerry Jones In today’s hiring market, a generous benefits package is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. Google is famous for its over-the-top perks, which include lunches made by a professional chef, biweekly chair massages, yoga classes, and haircuts. But what should a business do if it can’t afford Google-sized benefits?

Candidate Engagement Should Begin Before Recruiting

Author: Adrian Tan Most companies I work with understand the importance of employee engagement and the impact that it brings to their business. But despite that, 70% of employees surveyed in a Gallup report described themselves as neutral of “actively disengaged”…

How Recruiters Can Create Great Candidate Engagement Strategies

Author: Jessica Miller-Merrell The recruiting and hiring process is now one that doesn’t stop when a candidate is offered a job or began when they apply. It’s a fluid process that’s undefined, hard to track and even harder to understand how, why and what job seekers are drawn to when they finally apply…

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5 Ways to Build Candidate Engagement

Author: Suzanne Chadwick Sourcing has evolved from people who wanted to find more people to an emerging trend, which is how do you fix candidate engagement? Because that piece of sourcing is differentiating people…

Candidate Engagement is better than Employee Engagement

Author: Hirington HR Academy We spend so much of money on the employee engagement and insist employees to feel happy when they are at work. But we never think about a prospective employee who is yet to take up the interview with us….

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