Webinar: 3 Powerful Steps to Measure, Manage and Multiply Your Recruitment ROI

Do you have a clear handle on your recruitment ROI? It can seem hard to understand and demonstrate the true value of things like job adverts, PPC (Pay Per Click), your website and careers site. But it’s vital you’re clued up on the return you’re getting from the time and money spent on these kinds of activities.

How do you measure your Recruitment ROI?

Despite the obvious benefits of understanding your recruitment ROI, many companies are still unsure on how to gauge what’s working well for them...and, of course, what isn’t. There’s a common misconception that tools and processes for calculating and then improving ROI are expensive and time-consuming. But they don’t have to be…

We know it’s not always simple to demonstrate your Return on Investment. Where do you start? What do you measure? And once you have the information, how do you take steps towards improving?

You’ll find answers to all these questions, and more, in our webinar, 3 Powerful Steps to Measure, Manage and Multiply Your Recruitment ROI.

In partnership with Monster, we reveal how to improve candidate attraction, increase customer retention, and create your most efficient recruitment process yet with simple, affordable tips on: 

  1. How to understand what to measure to help you budget and set clear KPIs
  2. How to get the most from your recruitment tools to save you time 
  3. Tweaking your current processes for quick ROI results 

Hear from idibu’s Senior Manager, Hazel Walker, as she partners with Monster’s Pietro Maneti and Recruitment Gym’s Angela Cripps, here:


Take some time out to concentrate on ROI today. In just 45 minutes, we’ll show you how small, inexpensive marginal gains can make a world of difference to your recruiting.

Measure the results of your candidate attraction tools

Now that you've got the ins and outs of managing your ROI covered, it's time to take action and get total visibility of what's working for you. Learn more about how idibu cab show you everything from returns from each advertising channel to team performance in our measure suite.

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