3 actionable ways to create a great candidate experience

In our latest webinar idibu MD, Martin Bramall explains, “Great candidate experience starts with a great recruiter experience. If recruiting isn’t efficient, how can recruiters provide a great candidate experience?”

How to improve the candidate experience

Ready to start improving your candidate experience? It may be simpler than you think.

Did you know there are small changes you can start making today for a much bigger impact over time? Improved talent attraction, candidate relationships and online reviews are all within easy reach.

In just 30 minutes Marketing Manager, Liam Ryan (Bullhorn) and Marketing Director, Chelcie Harry (Levin Group), along with idibu’s Martin Bramall share insights on:

  1. Using automation for improved communications
  2. Engaging candidates to build relationships and trust
  3. Maximising data for the most efficient recruitment process possible

Forget spending excessive time and money on activities to improve your candidate experience. Watch “3 actionable ways to create a great candidate experience” now.


As Liam Ryan points out, “You’re only as good as your talent experience.” Don’t wait any longer to start improving yours. 

Want to learn more?

We’re helping businesses attract talent quicker and then manage the candidate experience through market-leading tech. To find out more about the topics covered in this webinar, or what we do for recruiters, get in touch.

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