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 Social media has drastically changed the talent acquisition landscape in the last decade. For job seekers, social media has proven to be invaluable when hunting for new career opportunities. For organisations, it has become an indispensable recruitment tool for finding and connecting with top talent.

According to Pew Research, about 72% of American adults use at least one social networking site and with over 3.8 billion social media users in the world, we are at a point where more than half of the global population is on social media. The potential of this huge, global audience is unparalleled and as expected, many companies are leveraging its power to attract qualified candidates to their organisation. In this blog, we are going to review how social media has become an important part of many recruitment strategies.

How has the pandemic influenced social media recruitment?

As it is the case with many, if not all industries, the pandemic disrupted the day to day operations of many recruitment professionals. Companies who were still actively hiring during the lockdown period had to restructure their recruitment strategies to facilitate remote hiring. According to research by Jobvite, 84% of recruiters are adapting their hiring processes to promote remote interactions and about 58% of them now utilise social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram as a means of connecting with potential hires.

So, what is social recruiting? In the simplest sense, social recruiting is used to refer to recruiting via social media platforms. Although social recruiting strategies were already being used by companies before the pandemic, it became increasingly popular during the crisis as a way for companies to connect with candidates and keep the hiring process moving, despite not being able to meet potential hires face-to-face.

Social recruiting has now become a must-have for any successful recruiting strategy. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn present the potential to deliver a wide pool of highly qualified candidates in comparison to traditional candidate sourcing methods. If companies are to remain competitive and relevant, then it’s essential that they have a social recruiting strategy in place.

Tips on how recruiters can target prospects via social media

The job market isn't changing, it has already changed. The way companies find their ideal candidates has been disrupted thanks to social recruiting. Statistics show that 73% of 18-34 year-olds found their last job through social media and in another study, 89% of recruiters admitted to having at least once hired someone off LinkedIn. However, as a recruiter, it would be quite difficult for you to find and attract top candidates on social media unless your social media pages/profiles have been optimised to attract candidates. Below are some tips on how recruiters can manage their social media profiles to target prospects.

  • Choose the right platforms

Every social media platform has its unique advantages and disadvantages and the "right" platform will depend on the demographic you’re targeting. For example, LinkedIn is a professional social networking site where users look for information on companies, especially job postings. Over three million jobs are posted every month on LinkedIn so this would be a good place to find potential candidates who might be interested in your job opportunity. Facebook and Twitter are also good platforms if you are looking to amplify your job postings.

  • Optimise your presence on your platforms of choice

Just posting job vacancies on social media is not enough to attract candidates. It’s important to ensure your online presence is optimised to attract prospects. Fill out your profiles completely to optimise your page and appear in relevant searches. Create a schedule for consistently posting company updates, insights on trends, and relevant industry news on your social media accounts. You want a profile that will give candidates the impression that your organisation is up to date with the latest developments in your industry.

  • Use employee referrals

Don't be content with simply posting your job openings. Encourage other employees to amplify your openings by sharing them on their own LinkedIn feeds/timelines and liking and commenting on your posts to boost its reach into their networks. The more shares your job posting gets, the wider the audience it is likely to reach. Talking of greater reach, using industry-related hashtags on the post will help ensure that your adverts get in front of your target candidates. We recommend that you also read this post which gives a broader look at how to create engaging job ads for increased visibility.

How to best use social media for recruitment marketing and hiring?

Recruiters need to be active and engaging on social media to turn these platforms into an effective recruitment tool that will support their other activities.

This is where showcasing your employer brand comes to play. As a recruiter, it is pertinent to understand that social recruiting is more than just posting open roles on your social networks. Your digital presence and employer brand have never been more important than it is today. With remote recruiting, a candidate may never see you or the inside of your office in person. They will have to learn about your company from their online research, and your social media pages are the main eyes through which most candidates will see and assess your company. 

Let your posts highlight the most valuable parts of your company. Show the world why you are unique and why your company is a great place to work. You want to highlight your company values and culture. Use photos, videos, and employee testimonials to depict a picture of life at your company, one that will appeal to prospective employees and accurately reflect your company culture.  

In all, it takes a lot more than a social media profile for employers to leverage the possibilities and benefits of these platforms to their full advantage. Companies need to have an active presence, relevant content, and a unique social recruiting strategy in place to bring about success with their recruiting strategy.

Finally, social media is more than a means of communication, promotion, or marketing between a company and its potential customers. Social media can be leveraged as a powerful recruitment tool to help recruiters and hiring managers source, attract and engage new recruits that will help their companies grow, succeed, and stand out from the competition.

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