Recruiter’s paradise

The old-fashioned way

There is a hidden treasure in every recruitment agency. Many a times it was discussed, many a times attempts were started to unearth it. And so far, most attempts failed. The only reason for failure was the state of technology. This has changed now, so let’s have another go, let’s dig deep and let finally excavate it. I am talking about the old CVs that are languishing in databases.

Most agency owners tell me that they use their older CVs, but data shows that most of them are only skimming the top and utilising the same CVs over and over again. The fault doesn’t lie with the recruitment agencies, but with the technology that has been available to them since.


The new way of thinking

To be frank, some of the more traditional CRMs and ATS systems have legacy issues making it hard for people to find candidates even when searching. Even if they are found, many have outdated contact information, therefore prolonging the shortlisting process substantially.

How idibu can help

This has changed now. idibu can easily make the old CVs easily searchable and update them automatically with the latest contact and social profiling information. With one fell swoop, 1000s of CVs are being moved from dormant to active. A recruiter’s paradise.  

The individual consultant benefits as they save time in the short listing process: All CVs are in one database, all CVs are updated, no login into different CV databases and doing individual searches, no longer checking social profiles manually.

The owner benefits, too. Instead of buying the same CVs over and over again, the money can now be spent on buying CVs that are truly missing and on tools that help recruiters engage more deeply with candidates.

The saved time and the saved money will lead to higher productivity which in turns leads to increased financial results.

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