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Mobile Revolutionises Recruitment Placement Speed – interviewing Aaron Charbonnet @HrTechConf

It takes people two days to respond to an email. It takes people less than 20 minutes to respond to a text”

Steve: What’s the current buzz in HR technology?

Aaron: The candidate experience. It used to be the HR recruiters, and now that shifted to the candidate.

But the biggest buzz are mobile applications because the millennials are starting to dominate the market. Their expectations are different from, say, my generation… My kind of experience is talking to people. Millennials, their kind of experience is text messaging.   We’ve done some analytics. It takes people two days to respond to an email. It takes people less than 20 minutes to respond to a text. So if you can communicate via the mobile – which is what we do – that’s going to really drive down the hiring process and the background check turnaround time.

Steve: What other ways can we be increasing speed?

Aaron: One good example are verifications which we do a lot of… That’s static information. Meaning, if you graduated from a university, that doesn’t change. You’ve always graduated from the university. If you have worked in certain employers, that doesn’t change. You’ve always worked for those employers.

The only thing that’s dynamic are criminal hits. Meaning, maybe I wasn’t a criminal five years ago but I did something recently. So, if you take the static searches and validate them, certify them – then all of a sudden you don’t have to do those again, right? Empower the candidates in getting those certified, take those things that don’t change off the table and make the whole turnaround time even more effective.

Steve: Brilliant. Thank you very much.

Aaron Charbonnet is the SVP of Client Development at www.accuratebackground.com

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