Goodbye Data Silos – HR Tech collaboration and candidate intimacy – Dawn Standerwick, Larry Cummings, Ward Christman @HRTechConf @HRTechAlliances

Steve: HR Tech. What’s going on? What are the trends? What’s hot?

Ward:  HR tech companies are collaborating much more with each other. They’re looking to create co-branded solutions in the market to help solve real problems and they’re looking for ways to better connect with each other, and HR Tech Alliances is a big part of that. That’s our mission; that’s what’s hot. Not one vendor is going to be able to do everything for everyone, so they’re looking for better ways to add together their solutions. 1+1 = 3 is the Alliance math.

Dawn: I agree with the collaboration piece. I mean, that’s what it’s really all about, and I think that I’ve seen more innovation over the last few years. There’s been literal explosion of just the new different types of innovation. And people are working together; they are collaborating and we’re not working in silos anymore…

…and just creating a great user experience, I think that more than anything. I remember a time when they didn’t care about user experience; they didn’t care about the applicants, and people weren’t trying so hard to impress them. It was kind of ‘we’re here if you want to come and get it’, but at this point in time, it’s completely opposite.

Larry: I think the biggest change is we are moving from a big suite idea of data silos. That was the way it was done by having a single vendor, bringing data together. The way it’s now being done is we look at the ecosystems that represent that data, like Dawn that represents the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.  They’re realizing they that they need to move outside of their world. It’s like our partner, the TAtech – Talent Acquisition Solution Association. They realize these job boards didn’t solve all the problems.

So, the integration is not just between two vendors but is between associations and trade shows to actually solve that problem by saying, hey, these are the issues of the dilemma that their customers face, and the only way we’re going to get it solved is by working together at all levels. The ecosystem with the different major areas of HR, the bringing together of the platform with the content world, plus the vendors with the single sign-on which is so easy now. There is not as much need to depend upon a single suite to deliver the solution. We truly can arrive at best-of-class solution.

Steve: Thanks all of your for your time.

Dawn Standerwick is Vice president of Strategic Growth at, Larry Cummings (@Chief_Connector) & Ward Christman (@HRTechAdvisor) setup and run

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