Mercury and idibu join forces to streamline your recruitment

We are excited to announce that Mercury is now integrated with idibu, a candidate attraction platform to enable users to post jobs directly from Mercury. 

Linking seamlessly, the two platforms will enable you to be more effective, drive efficiency and increase revenue, all while giving valuable time back to your consultants.  

Daniel Fox, Marketing Manager, Mercury said: “Our new integration with idibu brings a seamless experience for our users. By joining forces with the idibu team, our customers gain access to more features that will streamline their workflows and drive continued success." 

“The integration will leverage the strengths of both Mercury and idibu, offering our customers a more efficient and data driven solution. We're confident that this partnership will bring transformative results for our users." Daniel continued. 

Martin Bramall, Chief Growth Officer at idibu, said: “We’re dedicated to delivering idibu inside the leading recruitment platforms and Mercury is certainly that. “ 

“Our goal has always been to help users attract the best candidates faster and help them manage all the applicant traffic and this partnership does exactly that. Teaming up with Mercury is a really exciting step for us."

If you'd like to see the integration in action, book a discovery call today!

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