Industry figure: Trevor @ Global Recruiter

Steve: What’s your background?

Trevor: I’m Sales Manager for The Global Recruiter magazine. I’ve been working with the business for almost nine years. I’m involved with the day-to-day running of the commercial side so I speak to a lot of the providers to the industry. I work close with the editor, concerning the concept of the magazine, editorial features that we run etc.

We aim to absorb news quickly and report state of the industry, to build new relationships. We need a lot of content for the magazine. We send new by emailout three times a week, which is a fantastic resource for recruiters, to keep up-to-date with the industry, wherever they are.

Steve: In your nine years of working at The Global Recruiter what would you name as the number one change in technology usage?

Trevor: Probably automation and ease of use. A lot of things have become much more user-friendly. I don’t know if “gamification” is the right phrase but… it’s so much easier to access things now where it was a bit clunky before. Users like things to be very easy to use, quick, short and snappy!

Steve: Some people say the agency brand is more important than the client they represent these days – what do you think?

Trevor: To an extent I agree. People want to be involved with a certain type of brand, with certain ethics and identity. Consequently agencies have to set themselves up as powerful brands to attract the right candidates for the clients they represent.

Trevor Dorrell (@TDorrell_GR) is Sales Manager at The Global Recruiter.

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