Increase recruiter productivity – let them work as they want?

Everyone works and adapts to software differently.

Steve: What recruiter tech will most positively impact consultant productivity?

Simon: I think what everyone’s waiting for is to automate as much of the applicant sourcing activity so that recruiters are just delivered candidates that are good, to their desktop straight away, so they can start working with them. Too many vendors are doing bits of it and no one is doing all of it yet.

Another point of view is – in this app generation, it’s good that recruiters can choose their own tools to do their job. The app stores that you see some of the vendors doing is a good step forward.

Steve: You’re saying that you shouldn’t standardise systems, you should give free choice for recruiters to be productive in their own way?

Simon: If you analyse what recruiters need and then you give them one tool that does that, some will like it, some won’t – for some too difficult to use, for others not complicated enough. Everyone works and adapts to software differently.

With apps on phones, people pick and choose the things they like. So I like the idea of a recruiter being able to have their own budget and download the tools that they need – it’s quite compelling.

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Steve: So let recruiters become their own mini businesses inside the agency – a way of taking personal responsibility for revenue growth?

Simon: I think they already are – if a recruiter is delivering, the managers don’t care how they do it It’s only when they’re not delivering the level of inspection changes “Are they making the calls? What tools they’re using? Are they using the process and systems in the right way?” But I think if you can deliver the targets and goals, no one cares how you do it and that’s always been the way.

Steve: Do you think that recruitment will ever become 100% automated?

Simon: No, but I think what you see the shift in where the people spend their time. That’s all automation ever does, it actually shifts your time to be able to do something else that adds more value, that’s further down the line. It’s always a moving target.

Simon Crowe is the UK Managing Director of Daxtra.

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