How to Create a Winning Candidate Attraction Strategy


The holy grail of finding the right candidates can be a lot easier than you think. But first you need to understand the two dynamics of developing a 360 degree perspective of your complete candidate attraction strategy.

Internal Strategy

Build a team ethos within your recruitment department. People, processes and technology are, without doubt, the three key core areas of any successful recruitment team, but without an effective ‘team’ approach exceptional performance is limited.

Managers in every workplace talk about nurturing a good team ethos, but only the best recruitment teams understand how to create the experience of team work. Belonging to a team means feeling part of something larger than yourself. It has a lot to do with your understanding of the mission or objectives of your organisation and, of course, your recruitment strategy and employee value proposition (EVP) fundamentals.

A joined up approach to understanding your organisation’s EVP will ensure all activity and ideas are aligned into your team environment and ensure everyone is working to a common goal. Celebrate your EVP, promote your values internally and get buy in at every level.

Technology plays a crucial role in attracting the right candidates – do you have the proper tools in your arsenal to engage with the people you need? Whether it’s a champion applicant tracking system, a slick job posting tool, or a CV search facility that saves considerable time, money and effort. Having the proper technology to source, attract and track candidates will make the difference between winning and losing in the candidate attraction battle!

External Strategy

A great place to start is by understanding every aspect of your candidate experience. Become your candidates and live and breathe your application process for yourself. Candidates are looking for efficiency and simplicity, after all, you’re not the only employer in the market. They will want to know about your organisation’s ethos, career development, and, of course, the physical work environment. Does your attraction strategy tick all their boxes?

Curating and distributing your jobs – the curation and marketing of your vacancies should be high on your priority. Too many recruiters overlook the importance of creating a strong job description/advert. Would you apply for one of your roles? Are you enticed to read on? Are you a little bored? Well-written job specs and adverts are vital to attracting the best talent.

Does your team understand your recruitment software? Are they using all the tools and functions within your ATS system? Posting your vacancies to all your job boards and social channels needs to be a simple and efficient process. Building a water-tight internal technological process will have you off to a good start.

Your Recruitment Technology

A vital component in every recruiter’s armoury, but all too common for a recruitment manager not to understand their own recruitment software. If technology just isn’t your bag, you need to change your thinking quickly. If you don’t appreciate the technological options available to your campaigns, then you will develop holes in your candidate attraction strategy.

Visual Impact

Don’t stop being creative. Give your candidates a positive visual experience and you will have their attention. Blank expressions means it’s time to speak to an employer brand specialist immediately. Excellent branding and a high visual impact will significantly increase your chances of creating the optimal experience for your potential candidates.

Your Employer Brand

Your careersite should play a central role in communicating your employer brand, along with your values, culture, and objectives as a minimum standard. The image of your organisation as an employer and place to work as perceived internally and externally is essential.

A candidates expectations around career development, training and wider benefits packages will reinforce your employer brand and will help to position your organisation in what could be a crowded space.

Social Media

Your future talent pool is social, engage with them, talk to them, show them how social you are too. Social recruitment is a two way channel, particularly as candidates use social media to investigate prospective employers. Organisations should ensure that all content displayed on corporate social media is informative, concise and professional.

Having a clear understanding of what different social networks are available to you is also essential as not all social channels serve as an effective recruitment channel. Make sure you do your research and remember, instant connections are key.

Embrace Video Interviewing

Save time and resources, optimise your candidate experience, improve your screening process, source perfectly-matched candidates, and reduce the time-to-hire! Just a few of the key benefits of integrating video interviewing into your candidate attraction strategy, and it’s one of the fastest growing technological adoptions in the recruitment industry in 2015.

Implement Psychometrics

Psychometric testing is a common method of evaluating candidates, allowing organisations to increase the chances of finding the best fit for a vacancy. It provides an objective overview of a candidate’s character, strengths, weaknesses and working style. There is a body of evidence demonstrating that the use of psychometrics increases employee retention by allowing winning hiring decisions in the first instance.

Evaluate Everything

What worked? What didn’t? What’s your cost per hire? Time to hire? What did you take from your last recruitment drive? Knowing where you started and comparing to where you’ve ended will add an extra, essential element to your candidate attraction strategy.

People are the lifeblood of every business and winning the fight for talent will mean the difference between success and failure for a company. The results from a 360-degree approach will give you a clearer understanding when it comes to attracting the right candidates.

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