How Technology Transformed the Recruitment Industry


Whether you were born into the technology era or brought into it mid-life, there can be no denying on the effects of technology in our everyday life. Here is a brief synopsis of the huge impact that technology has had on recruitment…

1940’ – 1970’s – The WW2 brought with it an influx of recruitment style posters urging men and women to sign up for the war. Struggling with the popularity and growth of the industry, the old and trusty CV was introduced in the 50’s – followed by newspaper ads in the 1970’s.

1971 – The size of computers halved and its power doubled – where will this take recruitment?

1980’s – Microsoft Word is launched – setting a whole new standard for the formation of CV’s. New advancements in technology allows for the first applicant tracking systems and candidate databases to be born, helping change the face of recruitment forever.

Late 1980’s – early 1990’s – The birth of the World Wide Web. Enough said!

1994 – The first major job board technology, Monster is announced.

1996 – The face of CV’s is set to change again with the introduction of email, meaning that sending a CV electronically becomes the norm.

1998 – A little known search engine ‘Google’ comes to fruition, making job searching just a little bit easier!

2010’s – Mobile, video and social media makes it possible for both passive candidates from all over the world to be sourced, screened and hired.

2015 and beyond – Who knows!

Who knows what the future tech of tomorrow will mean for recruitment. Perhaps interviews will be conducted in a 3-D Virtual Reality, or we’ll be able to send our CV via thought.

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