5 Things Candidates Really Want from Job Postings


With online recruitment technology making it possible for job postings to be seen in volume, candidates are inundated with false job descriptions and uninteresting opportunities.

But fret not, for below are five simple tips to ensuring that your job posting draw the attention of the candidates you want and need.

1) Simple Applications

In the days of super-fast internet, nobody wants to be spending an hour to apply for a single job, so ensuring that your application system is as streamline as possible is key.

2) Detailed Descriptions

Candidates are a curious bunch and are unlikely to respond well to a job posting that decided to skip out on all the critical details about the role. 77.3% of Job seekers say that the description is the most important part of the job listing, so under-providing is quite likely to hinder your recruitment efforts.

3) Mobile Optimization

Everyone has a smart phone these days, and that includes your potential candidates! By making sure your candidates can easily apply via mobile could be the key to getting the candidates you want.

4) Unique descriptions

Nobody likes to be treated like a number, and by providing a generic job description that is precisely the kind of message you will be sending out. Make your job description unique to really capture a candidate’s interest.

5) Simple Job titles

While unique and detailed are words you want be using to describe your job description, you don’t want the same for your job title. Keep it simple, otherwise candidates might be confused or worse, put off entirely.

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