Is Your Candidate Attraction Strategy Up to Date?

Over the years recruitment technologies have been revamped to create software that can streamline many cumbersome processes to improve the candidate experience and enhance the hiring process. Big names like Google, Deloitte, Sprint and Cisco all make use of these technologies, and if you’re not on board, you’ll be left behind. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of having modern recruitment tech that will improve your candidate attraction strategy this year.

Review your current candidate attraction strategy

If you have problems attracting top quality candidates, the first thing you need to do is assess your current candidate attraction strategy. Are you satisfied with the quality and quantity of candidates you’ve attracted to date? Are there aspects of your business you would want to upgrade in the new year? If your candidate attraction strategy is outdated and inefficient, then your business isn’t equipped to attract top talent in your industry and encourage them to apply to open roles in your company. This earlier idibu article explains how a solid candidate attraction strategy can solve some of the major problems recruiters, agencies and consultants face during the hiring process.

What channels are currently working?

With a measurable recruitment strategy in place, it will be easier for you to determine which channels are working and which aren’t. If you know the platforms which work best at attracting top talent, then that’s half of the job done. That said, review your job ads – where are you posting your job ads? Social media? Job sites? How personable and compelling are your job descriptions? Are you leveraging video? Essentially, by figuring out where candidates are viewing your postings and applying the most, you can focus your efforts and resources on that channel to improve applications as well as measures to take to improve the other channels or discard them altogether.

Out with the old, in with the new

If you’re struggling to measure your candidate attraction strategy, then it might be time to review every aspect of your recruitment technology. New recruitment technologies and software available in the market today have revolutionized the recruitment landscape by helping to streamline various demanding processes that can improve the candidate experience and boost the image of your organization. You need a tech provider that integrates seamlessly with other providers to provide you with the best overall experience. It is also recommended that you connect your recruitment strategy to a mobile app, like the idibu mobile app, for faster candidate processing on the go.

What’s stopping you?

While making what some would consider radical changes can be challenging for companies, when it is an opportunity to modernise and streamline your processes, and develop a revolutionary candidate attraction strategy, it’s worth every second spent. The key thing is to get it right. To do this, figure out the core functions and features your business needs from any new software you bring on board, and have a reasonable budget in mind that will allow you to procure the services of a reputable, trustworthy and innovative tech that suits your requirements. Fear of the unknown can make it tempting to stay within your comfort zone, but taking the leap into new, more efficient ways of working is unlikely to be something you look back on with regret!

So, is your business ready to get ahead of the competition? If your current strategies aren’t allowing you to stay agile in an ever-changing market or are even a barrier to your success in some cases, then it’s time to rethink your processes and open your arms to some new ways of working.

If your current technology is no longer delivering the candidates you want and you are looking for a new recruitment software that can better streamline your hiring process, look no further than idibu. idibu is next-gen online recruitment software designed to help companies and recruitment agencies of every size maximise their recruitment CRM. Click here to arrange a free demo or get in touch now on 0800 311 2750.

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