The Biggest Issues in Candidate Attraction and How to Solve Them

The importance of having the right people working for your company cannot be exaggerated. People are your business’s most important asset, so it goes without saying that putting yourself in the position to attract and employ the best talent available in the market is crucial to success. However, a lot of companies and agencies struggle at that very first hurdle; attracting talent.

Here, we are going to analyse some of the issues companies are likely to face in candidate attraction and how they can be solved.

Employer Branding

In business your reputation precedes you, so a great brand image is important for both talent attraction and employee retention. A candidate’s first port of call is often a Google search. If this returns poor reviews from past or current employees, potential candidates may be deterred from applying to your company. It isn’t the end of the world to receive negative Glassdoor feedback, the nature of the workplace is that you aren’t necessarily going to keep everybody happy. The important thing is how you deal with it online. If there is negative feedback (whether this is on Glassdoor, Instagram, Feefo or some other platform), acknowledging and responding to this shows that you are receptive to feedback, and take active steps to address issues within the business.

Similarly, a lack of any brand at all can also be harmful to your attraction efforts. To solve this problem, it’s necessary to create a strong employer brand. Think about this: what do you want your company to be known for? Why should candidates apply for positions in your company? What makes you stand out in your industry? Go over these points and consider improvements you can make. Also, ensure that your desired brand image is reflected online and throughout the running of your business as well. Remember, it’s easier to maintain a good reputation than trying to fix a bad one. Feel free to reach out to our team if you want to discuss how you can do this.

Advertising Your Jobs in the Wrong Places

If you’re advertising your jobs in the wrong places, then you can expect poor application rates. To ensure that your vacancies get substantial exposure that will be seen by worthwhile candidates, you need to identify and post your jobs across the relevant channels to ensure you maximise exposure and attract candidates from sources including social media, job boards and aggregators. Automating this process means your vacancies are posted across the relevant channels in mere minutes, giving you more time to focus on the human element.

Outdated Technology

If you’re not getting the number of applicants you want, you should re-evaluate your tech. Competition is fierce, and outdated and ineffective recruitment software could allow your agile competitors to best you. That is why utilising an intelligent, modern software is important to stay ahead of the curve.

Poor Use of Social Media

As of January 2019, there were over 3.4 billion active social media users on the planet. The traditional approaches to advertising your vacancies are now struggling to perform against more efficient digital methods. Your prospective candidates are online, so identify where they are and build a presence there. However, it takes a lot more to attract candidates on social media than simply pushing job adverts on your feed. You need to post relevant, engaging and human content that will drive engagement and interaction. Use the opportunity social media affords you to show off your brand and culture to attract and build an audience of potential candidates.

A Slow Recruiting Process

The longer it takes for you to hire candidates, the less likely you are to compete for the top talent in your industry. Whether it’s because your process is convoluted or your decision-makers are slow, the longer the recruitment process takes, the more likely candidates are to be frustrated with your company. Frustrated candidates may share their disappointing experience online, which could affect your ability to attract new talent in the future. It could also cause you to lose talented candidates to more agile competitors with quicker recruitment processes. One way to resolve this issue is to streamline your hiring process with technology. Mobile apps, for example, allow for accessibility, speed and efficiency.

Not Tracking Where Your Talent is Coming From

What application sources do you use? Where do the bulk of your candidates come from? Which channels are not so effective in attracting candidates? The answers to these questions will help you understand where you need to concentrate your efforts and resources.

Use analytics to track application sources and find out which channels are yielding results and which aren’t, and consistently update your processes based on the data.

So, How Can We Help?

If you need a recruitment software that solves all these issues in one place and will help you maximise your vacancies and streamline your hiring process, look no further than idibu. idibu has all the right tools and features you will need to attract the talented candidates in your industry. What’s more, idibu’s platform can be used by both agencies and in-house recruiting teams. Get in touch with us today for a candidate recruitment strategy that can give you an edge over your competitors.

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