Are Big Recruiters Missing Out on Next-Gen Recruitment Technology?

The world of recruitment is changing. As ATS systems slowly go by the wayside, new more agile solutions are taking hold. CRMs are transforming the industry, allowing recruiters to not only manage candidates that have applied but also be proactive by building talent pools and source passive candidates.

Disruption is afoot and for the most part, it is smaller more agile recruiters that are reaping the rewards. So, why are larger recruiters struggling to break the mold and jump on board with next-gen recruitment technology?

Let’s take a look.

How do you know it’s time to change?

For many large companies, it can be hard to realise that change is necessary. Why change when it doesn’t feel broken? Herein lies the problem for a lot of big firms. Often, it can feel like the business is running smoothly. However you may not notice inefficiencies appearing overnight, instead it’s a slow and steady decline. What may have worked amazingly 10 years ago, might not be the smartest way to work in today’s rapidly changing landscape. Remember, to remain competitive, you need to maximise your resources for maximum productivity.

Spotting that there’s an opportunity for change is going to require an open mind and a steady hand. Look at what others are doing. Are there companies out there that are trying new and exciting solutions? If the landscape is changing before your eyes, don’t look away. Stare harder and make brave decisions.

Is the fear of change stopping you?

The fear of change is palpable and often paralysing for large organisations. Old habits die hard. Tried and tested processes are comfortable and familiar whereas change is inherently risky.

Fortunately, if you can overcome the fear of change, your business could increase its efficiency and gain a competitive edge. Sadly, the majority of large companies operate risk-averse procurement policies. Many bide their time and wait for late product maturity. Whilst this might seem like a safe approach, it often negates any competitive edge that could have been gained.

Don’t make the same mistakes. Address your fear, take steps to overcome it, and strive forward into the future.

Is bigger really better?

When choosing a recruitment solution, it’s not uncommon for larger recruiters to just opt for the major incumbents. Surely, the bigger companies must be offering the best solution?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case anymore. Smaller software vendors are the ones that innovate. They are agile enough to move with the times, to collaborate with other companies and to build truly integrated solutions.

Just like large recruiters, the major incumbents of recruitment solutions aren’t set up for change. Smaller SaaS providers have built their business on an ability to drive change and to move with the times. Companies like idibu look at customer need and work from there. We create solutions that solve the problems that you’re facing. We’re proactive and we constantly strive to make sure your company can be as efficient as possible. At idibu, we’re trusted by some of the world’s most efficient recruiters, both big and small to deliver innovative solutions that truly make life easier. Is it time your company made a change?

Once you decide to switch – research is essential

Once you make the big decision to switch, the next stage is research. You’ll need to do your due diligence to choose the right solution for your company.

The best way to do this is to work with your team and find out what their requirements are. What does your current system do well and what elements of their job are they really struggling with? What would make their role easier and more efficient? What really grinds their gears about the current solutions they’re working with?

By consulting with your team in a collaborative way, you’ll be able to get their buy-in and help to eliminate any fear of change that they might have. You’ll also be able to crowdsource their knowledge and find the solution that’s right for you.

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