Automation Guide: Reduce admin time, improve communication and candidate experience.

Step up your recruitment game by letting automation do the heavy lifting! This guide will share tips to unlock improved communication, reduced admin time and a top-notch candidate experience.

Liam Ryan, Bullhorn’s Marketing Manager raised a great point during our recent candidate experience webinar

“Automation’s an enabler of great talent experience. Candidates are now used to automation in shopping, banking, and through having all kinds of information at their fingertips. They’re used to being in the know, for example, with their shopping, they know exactly where their parcel is at every stage of its journey. They’re so used to these automated processes in other sectors and they’re now expecting it from recruitment.”

Looking for a way to make your recruitment process run like clockwork? Our platform will transform how you do things: save time on admin tasks, improve communication and enhance candidate experience - all in one go! 

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1. Reduce admin time

Are you tired of clocking up hours of time on recruitment administration tasks? There aren’t many of us who enjoy admin. idibu has been designed to will speed up your processes so you can focus on the fun parts of recruiting .  

With a few clicks you can multi-post your jobs to numerous social media channels, jobs boards, and your website. Finding candidates has never been simpler with filters for location, experience, benefits, etc. and powerful keyword and Boolean searches.

Reviewing applications has never been easier with our traffic light system that not only allows you to quickly categorise candidates, but also auto-saves CVs against profiles in your CRM, so you won’t have to worry about manually entering details. Plus, get real insight delivered straight to your inbox - check out our 15+ reports that make it easier for you measure progress and continuously improve recruitment processes.

Best of all, idibu’s features are all accessed from inside your existing CRM, so there’s no need to spend time working across different platforms – everything’s in one place, creating your fastest, most efficient recruitment process ever! So what are you waiting for?

2. More meaningful communication

An essential ingredient in great candidate experience? Communication.

Once idibu’s allowed you to win back valuable time by minimising admin tasks, you can allocate more of your schedule to what really matters – meaningful communication with candidates.

Chelcie Harry, Marketing Director at Levin, agrees that “Automation is about trying to make manual, time consuming tasks as efficient as possible so recruiters can focus on what’s important – relationship building that you can’t replace with tech.”

Struggling with administrative tasks?

Our platform offers powerful features to help reduce the amount of time spent on those tedious admin duties. Take advantage of our autoresponders and interview scheduling options or even try out our live chat feature. And because language shouldn't be an obstacle in finding great talent, multi-language job postings open up new possibilities for reaching amazing candidates worldwide - it's as easy as pushing a button!

3. Enhance candidate experience

Great communication is the keystone to an amazing candidate experience, but it’s just one of many elements that will provide your best experience yet. 

idibu’s Martin Bramall explains that “Great candidate experience starts with a great recruiter experience. If a recruiter’s not able to work well and efficiently how is the candidate working with them going to have a good experience?” He adds, “In our digital age, bad news travels fast – it can hurt your brand and damage relationships.”

Liam Ryan from Bullhorn added; “Research shows that candidates really want to work with recruiters, so it’s not about replacing recruiters with automation. They enjoy the consultative guidance, the interview prep…so, it’s about using automation to enable recruiters to have more time to build strong relationships with candidates that are going to make them want to work with your agency.”

Streamlining your recruitment process with idibu can help tick all the boxes for a great candidate experience. Our tools reduce admin time, equip recruiters with data to make informed decisions and keep everyone in touch throughout their journey. 

Once you’ve decided idibu’s for you, set up is quick and hassle free. The platform seamlessly integrates with your CRM, and should you require any additional help, you’ll benefit from our 5* customer care too.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Make today count and book your idibu demo - you'll be glad you did!

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