4 Steps to Attract the Right Candidates to Your Company


Employees are the lifeblood of every organisation. They manage the operations of the business and ultimately, the success of any company is highly dependent on the effectiveness and efficiency of the people they hire. However, finding and attracting these high-quality candidates who will take your company to greater heights can be complicated. Luckily for you, we’re here to help. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of hiring the right people for your company and provide some tips on how you can attract them with your recruitment strategy.

The importance of hiring the right candidate

As mentioned earlier, the success of your company is largely dependent on your employees. Hiring the wrong candidate can be costly for your business, both financially and for your reputation. According to a report from the Recruitment and Employment Federation, 85% of HR decision-makers in UK businesses admit their organisation has made a bad hire, and bad hires, given time, will take a toll on your company. Beyond the financial implications of bad hires, they can also be a drain on employee morale, impede team collaboration and cause a decrease in productivity, which all spell bad news for any company interested in growing.

But how do you determine from the get-go if a candidate is the right fit for your company? Apart from looking out for the highly skilled players in your industry, looking for candidates who share similar values and work ethics to those already in your organisation is one way to ensure that you are hiring the right people.

It is also pertinent to understand that during the recruitment process, receiving hundreds of applications doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right candidates applying to the role. Quantity doesn’t always mean quality, which is why it’s important for recruiters to create a balance between the two to ensure that every opening doesn’t just attract applications, but applications from highly skilled candidates who would suit the company perfectly.

1. Think about your job descriptions

The job description is what sells your position and employer brand to potential candidates. Typically, writing the job description is one of the first steps in the hiring process, so it’s important you get it right to set a good foundation for the rest of the recruitment process.Here are some tips on how to write powerful job descriptions.

  • First off, do a job analysis by talking to people who will be working with the new hire to ensure you have a full understanding of the role.
  • Ensure every section of the job description – title, profile, responsibilities and requirements are engaging.
  • Avoid unnecessarily lengthy job descriptions. Do your best to ensure every section highlights the important elements of the job and what your ideal candidate would find interesting.
  • Avoid limiting language that may affect the visibility of your job adverts in a search.
  • Use relevant keywords to boost visibility on search engines and improve your chances of being seen by the right candidates.
  • Be as specific and clear as possible in your description. Explain the role, what is needed from them and what the candidate will be doing. The more general it is, the wider your applicant pool will be, which won’t make it easier to find the right candidate

2. Create a candidate persona

For every job opening, you should have an idea of the type of candidate you are looking for that would be the ideal hire. This “idea” is known as a candidate persona. Candidate personas help you identify the qualities of your ideal candidate, which will in turn allow you to design your recruitment strategy accordingly.

With the persona in mind, you can create a job posting that will effectively communicate what your company is looking for to applicants. The more you know about who you want on your team, the easier they’ll be to find. After all, if you don’t know what you are looking for, how would you know when you find them?

3. Ensure you’re posting to the right platforms for your target audience

Regardless of how powerful and compelling your job description may be, it might still not be effective at attracting the best talent to your role, unless they are being advertised on platforms where your target audience is most likely to see them. Posting your job ads to the right job boards and platforms will give your vacancies increased exposure and will ensure that the job opening is visible to the candidates who will be right for the role. Platforms like idibu can help with posting to niche job boards across multiple sites at once to help you reach a wider pool of your target audience.

4. Take advantage of your employer brand

Don’t underestimate the importance of your employer brand when it comes to attracting candidates. The top candidates in every industry, even when they are not actively job searching, are always looking at leading companies to see if the people or place could be a good fit for them. As a recruiter, you can leverage the strength of your brand reputation to communicate that your company offers a great workplace to candidates. If your company has a strong brand and they are a good fit for the advertised role, then there’s a good chance you’ve already won them over.


By taking the time to perfect the steps above, you can ensure that your organisation hires the right candidate for your business every time, ultimately saving you valuable time and money and minimising frustration for you and your team.

How can idibu help?

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