5 common concerns when choosing recruitment software

Your business has got a problem, and you know that software can help you solve it – so why does making a final buying decision sometimes feel like a bit of punt?

We talk everyday to people looking for technology to help them grow their business and it’s always interesting to see people (sometimes pretty tech savvy), still feel a sense of nervousness in committing certain processes to software.

In this blog we address a few of the FEFs (Frequently Expressed Fears!) we hear at idibu.

Fear #1 If I put software in place, and it doesn’t work – I’ll be stuck with an expensive mistake I can’t easily undo and an internal process that is still ineffective or worse than it was before.

Best of Breed (BoB) software solutions address a specific business area. Providers of this type of software concentrate all their efforts and expertise into creating solutions that solve that one specific need and plug into (via API) your other applications. This means you can create the perfect blend of applications to ensure your business is getting the very best in each area. Also, as these systems are not reliant on each other, they can be swapped out if they are underperforming!

Fear #2 What’s good for us now, might not be right in 6 months, I don’t want to end up overpaying or under-using!

In the absence of a crystal ball, scalable, ‘pay as you go’ software can give you a greater flexibility to bend with market conditions rather than rigidly trying to ride out peaks and troughs.

Fear #3 I don’t want to end up with out of date technology or having to pay unforeseen upgrade charges.

Yes, we all have this problem, phones and tablets seem obsolete within a couple of years! However, SaaS (Software as a Service) technology is just the same as Facebook or LinkedIn, or your online banking system. It’s single instance, multi tenanted application means when the software is changed or updated it applies it to all users, so if your solution is SaaS based you won’t ever have to worry about outdated tech!

Fear #4 I’m struggling to see the financial benefits clearly, how will I know I am getting any return on my software investment?

It can be tricky to just look at the cost of software as a line in your accounts, it just looks like a cost and you can’t find where the financial benefit is. However, if you look holistically at your business practices you should be able to see

– that the problem you were experiencing is disappearing. – costs reducing elsewhere (in idibu’s case, lowering of costs and increased ROI on your ad spend) – manual tasks reducing and a more focussed and productive staff

Being able to identify these things should make calculating ROI easier

Fear #5 I’m worried some of my key staff won’t buy in – change is difficult to implement and manage sometimes.

With any software, internal adoption is key. Staff that are fully trained and comfortable will be able to see some of their own burdens lifted and daily tasks reduced. Getting them to focus on how the software will help them personally and not just the company will get them bought in – who doesn’t want any easier day! Equally software should increase their productivity and thus, their value and so seen like that, should be welcome. Going forward, ensuring support and training is easily and quickly accessible to all staff will help with onboarding and user experience.

So, you are definitely not alone if you are experiencing some anxiety over choosing the software for your business, but providers know this and want you to always be a happy and loyal customer. You should always feel comfortable asking any questions and if you don’t get the right answers, you just haven’t found the right provider yet!

idibu provides intelligent candidate acquisition to hundreds of recruitment businesses of all sizes as well as analysis of activity and hiring funnels to greatly improve ROI and performance.

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