What Skills Should Recruiters Have When Using an Automated System?


As technology becomes a bigger part of the lives of recruiters and the wider recruitment world and is increasingly used to help source and attract new candidates, do recruiters have the necessary skills needed to make the most of these systems?

The obvious skillset that springs to mind first falls under the ‘technical’ category. With automated systems, recruiters now need to be able to call upon a wide range of skills. From ‘data analytic’ skills so that recruiters can extract the best CV from a shortlist recruitment software generates to ‘search optimisation’ so the software can be properly targeted. Most importantly however, a general level of tech ‘savvy’ is required regardless of which tech is being employed.

The second skill set falls under the ‘soft’ skills variety as although technology can help automate and hasten the recruitment process, it still requires that human element. From producing engaging job descriptions to reading between the lines to find those hidden gems, there are some things technology cannot yet do. It also helps that recruiters can actually speak to people, whereas computers can’t do that by themselves just yet.

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