The Future of Recruiting and Hiring Technology – will Recruiting and Hiring Ever Not Need Humans?


As recruiting moves through the ages, every couple of decades, a new twist and turn introduces itself that promises to shake the industry once more.

More recently, with technology forcing itself into all aspects of life, those shake-ups have become more frequent and more developed. As an example, the automation of recruiting and hiring has advanced way beyond the traditional job boards of yesterday and into outreach and applicant tracking systems. This has helped companies deal with the explosion in the number of applicants they receive thanks to the digitisation of the job search.

In the eyes of some however, the technology for recruitment hasn’t quite reached where it needs to be and so platforms such as social media and job boards are now developing passive outreach programs.

Ironically though, companies may actually benefit more from a human touch. Even if recruiting messages have been automated, messages with a hiring manager’s actual name on them may work better for example.

The key for the recruitment technology of the future may be to acknowledge that you can never truly take the human out of human resources or the recruiter out of recruiting. This may guide the direction in which future recruitment and hiring technologies develop by focusing it on areas such as managing freelancing and contingent workers or leveraging way to give a better experience for candidates.

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