Sourcing great candidates – the power of the Talent Pool

What’s unique about your business is the way in which you store data.

Steve: Technology and recruitment today… Where are the markets are going?

Toby: I think the debate about data in the last few years has been rigorous in terms of, “Are we storing data centrally, independently for our business? Or are we using global public stores of data in order to manage our recruitment?” I think there was a tendency for recruiters to look outside of their databases first, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but…

Steve: What do you mean by that?

Toby: For example, going to job boards to search for candidates, ignoring the fact you already have great candidates… You interview your candidates, talk to them, store CV and other profiling data. Why are you doing that if the first thing you do is bypass that via job boards? Job boards are important, LinkedIn is important, but what’s unique about your business is the way in which you store data.

So why aren’t you using that data in conjunction with these other places in order to come back with a list of talent to put forward to your end clients?

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So that debate has raged on. I think there was a view five years ago that we move away from central CRM systems and look to global stores to manage our recruitment process. I think that has changed, the people have understood the value in their own systems.

The interesting piece now is how we find and manage the huge volume of data that is out there. It’s not just looking at the skillset that someone has said that they have in relation to their CV which, let’s face it, is a sales leaflet for a person really.

But looking at the metadata that relates to that candidate, that candidate’s interaction with who they’re connected to, what they’ve done, what they’re doing, where they’re going, all of that is really relevant to the modern workplace. Whether someone actually fits in – not just looking at the individual skills they’ve.

Recruiters are in high demand, I don’t think that will change. Some businesses have a policy of recruiting for themselves but the agency is here to stay I believe. So the ability to be able to sort through those huge volumes of data is absolutely key. And I think technologists are looking at new, interesting and innovative ways of doing that.

Toby Conibear is Chief Commercial Officer at DaXtra Technologies (@Daxtra)

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