“Recruiters need to get their head out of the sand when it comes to GDPR” – Peter Moore

I think a really big problem with people’s reaction to the regulations is they forget who it’s there to protect.

Though GDPR is a legislation aiming to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe, there are many businesses that still have their head in the sand. This week I spoke with Peter Moore of Look at your Data; a business aiding recruitment companies through this modern age of data protection.

Steve: Hi Peter, thanks for talking with me. I’m eager to learn more about your business; Look at your Data.

Peter Moore: Hi Steve, no problem.

Steve: So, how is Look at your Data working with recruiters?

Peter: We run a one-day GDPR awareness workshop which has nothing to do with the business that we’re embedded in. We go in and talk about what is data and then what is GDPR, discussing why it matters.

Steve: What would you think the biggest misconception is regarding GDPR?

Peter: I think a really big problem with people’s reaction to the regulations is they forget who it’s there to protect. They tend to think of the data that they stand to lose rather than who it protects. Well it’s going to protect people like your Mum or your Dad and my Dad’s 81 years old. He has an iPad and he is vulnerable in the world of data.

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Steve: What advice would you give to anyone concerned about GDPR?

Peter: It really depends where you are on the stage of grief. If you’re at the denial stage, get your head out of the sand, it is happening. It’s happening on May 25th next year. The people like myself are about to get very, very busy indeed. But for me, there’s really an opportunity here.

Steve: What is the opportunity?

Peter: The reason Look at your Data exists is for data strategy. The reason it’s called that is because it actually looks at your data, looks at what your data flows are and gets them marked down. Part of the ICO’s recommendations for dealing with GDPR is to get your data work flows documented. But also, it is to have a risk register to say, “Okay, we’re not compliant here.”

Steve: So GDPR is actually giving people the time to work on their business rather than in it?

Peter: Yes, it gives you that opportunity. It’s clear and present and certainly when I’m talking to CIOs or even IT managers, this is the opportunity to get stuff past the board for example. It’s so important, I wouldn’t have left a job that I loved to start Look at your Data if that wasn’t the heart of everything I believed in.

Steve: How can people find out more about you?

Peter: The best way of getting in contact with me is by Twitter – @thedatabloke. Alternatively, pete@gdprdata.eu will land in my inbox.

Steve: Thank you very much for talking to me.

Pete Moore (@thedatabloke) is the founder, chief data strategist and GDPR export at Look at your Data.

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