Key recruitment trends defined – Sergei Makhmodov @Daxtra – Part 1

Once you have established the connection and relationship with a candidate, it needs preserving in the talent pool for re-use in the future.”

This is part one of my three-part talk to Sergei Makhmodov about recruiting trends, Daxtra’s beginnings and APAC expansion, A.I. and new technologies. Sergei is the Managing Director of Daxtra Asia and a founding partner of the business.

Steve: What would you say is now the dominant trend in recruitment globally?

Sergei: There a lot of interesting trends. Also a lot of smoke and mirrors and unnecessary chatter.

I think that we will continue to see consolidation on the markets. There is a palpable trend of large corporations trying to replicate not only the actual recruitment agency operation, but the business processes that they bring on board from recruitment and staffing firms. We’re definitely seeing that in some of our larger corporate customers. It goes all the way to replicating the compensation packages of recruiters where they get commissions similar to agencies’, but doing this in-house. So, I think that this trend is probably going to continue. We’re also seeing consolidation inside the job board market as well.

Steve: You mentioned smoke and mirrors. Can you give any good examples?

Sergei: Here is just one example that is close to us. Since we started Daxtra, we have been seeing or hearing sentiments that CVs are living their last days… that soon there will be no CVs on the market, only LinkedIn. I think that’s something of a persistent myth.

Steve: Not dissimilar to what idibu hears about job boards because I don’t believe job boards are going anywhere too soon. It was interesting to speak to Martin Warnes at Reed about this, and he articulated very well why job boards still have a role to play in recruitment.

Sergei: Absolutely! Yes.

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Steve: While the job boards overall aren’t going to be going anywhere too soon, the overall landscape is shifting. There’s no doubt there. The balance of how people recruit via toolsets is changing. But it’s a shift of balance, not an all-out revolution in my opinion.

One shift we see is the increased importance of Talent pooling. Why do you think that is?

Sergei: I second that opinion. Once you have established the connection and relationship with a candidate, it needs preserving in the talent pool for re-use in the future. Sooner or later, this candidate might come up again in your searches, and the previous communications and relationships will help a great deal in comparison with finding someone, for instance, on LinkedIn with whom you’re not connected, or finding someone on a job board with whom you’ve never had any contact before.

It’s less relevant these days to store the actual resumes in the talent pool vs the relationship information surrounding the candidate with links to the candidate’s online profile. And this will have ramifications on how the technology develops in the future.

Sergei Makhmodov (@SergeiMHK) is the Managing Director of Daxtra Asia (@daxtra).

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