How webservices can be your secret weapon against inefficiency


The first week of July has seen a continuation of the UK’s monsoon season, as well as the release of the first in idibu’s new Native360 Series. A series of next-gen integrations designed using only webservices; the Native360 has been launched with the plug-in to the RDB ProNet system.

Well now, you may say, freak weather I’m happy to discuss, but why should I care about webservices and next-generation integrations? It’s a good question, and the answer involves two words: efficiency and elegance.

Recruiters, like many people these days, use technology to perform what were previously manual processes – post ads, read CV’s, respond to application emails etc. Undoubtedly this is a good thing, but an increasing downside is that as more systems are used to perform these different tasks, the chances increase that somewhere along the line some of your data is going to get washed away, go unread & unused. This kind of thing will have an impact on your business and repeated over time means everyone has to run twice as fast just to keep standing still. Ghosts in the machine indeed. Also, using multiple systems means time spent between the two logging in and out, copying and pasting information across etc. This can lead to easy distractions, and we forgot to mention the training requirements for each system to help understand and incorporate the new software into your current workflow.

All in all, you can easily find yourself taking as much time to do things as you did back in the dizzay. Elegant and efficient solutions these are most certainly not. These issues, and the fact that we know that technology isn’t going away any time soon, means that a key aspect of the future of recruitment is getting recruiters to use the many software systems they have more efficiently.

A great way of doing this is via the integration of two software services.

Of course, the elephant in this particular blog’s room is that unless the integrations are absolutely first class, then our problems persist.

Indeed, the added frustration of getting lost in a maze of clunky clicks, functionality not ported over from the stand-alone version and bad design, means any potential gains are lost in the swamp of poor usability. And here’s the crunch – creating excellent software integrations isn’t easy and to do it well takes time – after all, you’re not only working with your own kit, but someone else’s. And, to quote one of the great collections of lyricists of our times, you need to make two become one and you need to ensure that the final flow is an elegant way of working that improves usability and means your users are working with their data to provide the best possible results to your business.

That is why we think you should care about integrations, particularly why we’re so proud of our latest one. If you’d like to know more about the Native360 Series and what it can do, either as a provider, or resourcer, then you can see it in action at or start developing at

There’s a video you can see here – – but for now I will leave you with some of the key benefits that Native360 Series offers,

  • Signup is automated. RDB users just click “Activate posting” and all profiles are created inside idibu and then auto-synched. No need to contact support or Account Management & users can turn off or on at any time.
  • Native360 gets its name because it’s been built as a native plug-in to RDB. It uses the RDB .NET libraries and flows with their standard interfacing. No pop-ups or embedded iframes that look like another system. Pure webservices integration means posting/tracking IS a part of the RDB platform.
  • Full feature set. In addition to auto-setup, you also have key functionality such as quota management, ad-authorisation and individual user board logins.
  • idibu built it. We specialise in integrations. Feel free to take our webservices and use them yourself, or get idibu involved in the design and development of your post and tracking system – you can bring native post and tracking into your software platform seamlessly and quickly.

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