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The changing face of Recruitment: How technology and good marketing practice are key to future success.

Candidate experience is a hot and important topic. And rightly so; after all candidates are the lifeblood of the recruitment industry. It goes further than the recruitment industry: hiring the right people makes or breaks any company, with the most talented dropping out of the hiring process if it isn’t aligned with their expectations.

Already recruiters are increasingly pressured as they have to deal with growing complexity across attracting, engaging, retaining and qualifying candidates, whilst still using outdated technology and deploying traditional approaches. This can often lead to a crack in candidate experience; after all a great candidate experience starts with a great recruiter experience. This is often forgotten or neglected.

This white paper focuses on the changing demands on recruiters and how talent marketing software and implementation of good marketing practices can aid this transition to allow recruiters to focus on what is really important – building relationships with candidates.

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