Back in recruitment after 30 years – Jackie Bennett TEAM

Digital cannot take over every single aspect of the old way, the old fashioned way. You’ve got to have the human contact.

Steve: You started in recruitment 30 years ago, but moved to Events Management – and returned to the recruiting world just 11 months ago, tell me the changes you see?

Jackie: Technology. Recruitment 30 years ago was a typewriter, a box file of index cards, and a pad of paper. Now absolutely everything is online.

Steve: A manifestation of the old physical inside the new digital world or are you seeing increases in process efficiency?

Jackie: A bit of both, but the digital cannot take over every single aspect of the old way, the old fashioned way. You’ve got to have the human contact.

Steve: What made you want to get back into recruitment?

Jackie: I love the buzz of recruitment, I love the sales, I love the excitement, its so fast paced… Our chairman was my boss 30 years ago, and he asked me to come back. And it was good timing, exciting, and it really interests me!

Steve: Would you say that the core skills of a recruiter are still the same?

Jackie: Fundamentally they’re the same. There are some changes but I know no matter what, however the recruitment industry evolves – because of course it keeps changing – those base skills will still be there.

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Steve: What one piece of technology would you put forward as being the biggest innovation since you left the industry?

Jackie: I think online timesheet software… I like the way it gives the candidate control rather than everything being controlled by the agency.

Steve: What about using software for your own productivity?

Jackie: There is one piece of software that is fantastic, it has nothing to do with recruitment, it’s called Evernote. And I love it.

Steve: Which is exactly what I’m using to record our interview right now ☺

Jackie: I absolutely love that piece of software. Just how you can photograph a business card, everything’s in your phone, done. And it sends your LinkedIn details, your contact details in an email and everything. You’re connected.

Steve: I agree, its great. I use it for interviews – to record the audio for transcription, take the photo, and keep a copy of the business card all inside one note I can then refer to anytime.

Jackie: Everything you want in one place!

[No, Jackie and I are not on an Evernote affiliation scheme but it is an excellent way to organize all things related to recording and retaining of information – audio, images, work notes, journaling etc. The point Jackie makes about it scanning business cards and automating LinkedIn connections off the back of this for you is a belter and you can find out more about how that works here]

Jackie Bennett (@JackieAtTeam) is the Managing Director of TEAM. TEAM is the largest network of independent recruiters in the UK.

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