Attracting top talent using human connection


The first thing to bear in mind when considering your talent attraction strategy is this: what, where and how people search for jobs has never been so easy, so varied, nor put candidates so completely in control.

There’s no loyalty to any particular agency or job board; searching takes place anywhere, everywhere and at all times.

The introduction of Google for Jobs means candidates need only search once to find relevant vacancies. Add Artificial Intelligence into the mix and it’s no wonder that recruitment currently appears to pose such huge challenges.

Certainly there is a strong argument to be made that candidates currently dictate the recruitment process - specifying how they want to be contacted about roles or leaving reviews that shape other potential applicants’ opinions.

And you can’t even rest once your talent has been onboarded; according to Indeed, two-thirds of us look at other jobs within 91 days of being hired at a new company, giving rise to the concept of the ‘constant candidate’.

So when it comes to talent attraction, how can you make sure you stand out in this über-competitive and rapidly evolving market? Our answer? By bridging that gap between what candidates expect and what they receive – namely, offering the human touch.

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